Breast Enlargement

The price depends on the brand and the form of the implant (the size is irrelevant). The prices are all inclusive, i.e. the costs for the surgery, implants, anesthesia, stay in the clinic etc… are all included in the below prices.

Round implants  
Eurosilicon 2982,- €
Mentor 3172,- €
Nagor 3072,- €
Polytech 3052,- €
Teardrop shaped implants  
Polytech 3352,- €
Eurosilicon 3372,- €
Nagor 3372,- €
Mentor 3472,- €
Arion dual cohesive gel 3592,- €

What you need to care about before the treatment

    • Don’t eat or drink anything in the morning before the treatment.

The treatment and your stay in the clinic

  • You need to come at least one day before the surgery to the clinic for a consulting, so that you can together with the surgeon choose the right implants (brand, form and the size)

  • On the day of the surgery you need to come at 8am to the clinic

  • We will do all the necessary tests for the surgery (blood tests etc…)

  • The surgery will be done under full anesthesia

  • You will stay one night in the clinic for observation

  • We recommend clients, which arrive by plane, to wait for one more night (eg in a hotel) before taking the return flight

  • We neither do recommend to drive by yourself on the day following the surgery

What you need to care about after the surgery

  • For two months avoid harder physical activity (eg sports), no heavy lifting

  • Wear an elastic bra for 6-8 weeks - you receive it in the clinic (is already included in the price)

How long is the rehabilitation

  • Sick leave between 7 and 10 days

  • The definite result will become visible after some 2 months, after the swelling largely disappears

Where do I go for a check

  • Your general practitioner at home can check you, if needed

  • Of course, if you wish we will do the check for free at our premises in Bratislava or Levice