Stop of excessive sweating on hands and under arms

 300 - 399.- eur


The price is all inclusive, i.e. the costs for the treatment, stay in the clinic etc… are all included in the above price.

What you need to care about before the treatment

  • No special instructions

The treatment and your stay in the clinic

  • The treatment is conducted within one session ambulantly (something similar to a dentist visit). There is no need for any special preparation. You can leave the clinic immediately after the treatment.

What you need to care about after the surgery

  • No special instruction.

How long is the rehabilitation

  • The result will become visible after 2-3 days.

Where do I go for a check

  • Your general practitioner at home can check you, if needed

  • Of course, if you wish we will do the check for free at our premises in Bratislava or Levice