Hair Transplantation

1.50.- Euro per Hair

You need to consider 60-90 hair per 1cm2 of a completely bald part of your scalp.

The price is all inclusive, i.e. the costs for the treatment, stay in the clinic etc… are all included in the above price.

Mediklinik applies Safe System – FUE2, the most modern hair transplantation method. With minimal trauma feelings and no cutting of skin of your scalp we reach an optimal result.

What is Safe System – FUE2

It is a new, patented method, which further improves the original FUE procedure. Our doctors are among the few in the world, which can already apply this new revolutionary method. This entails lifting of hair roots through smallest spots on your back head. The hair roots are then treated with special regeneration liquids, which maximize their survival.

What are the advantages of Safe System FUE and Save Scrive Technique

The scalp injury gets minimized thanks to the penetration of skin by a special needle with a diameter of between 0.5mm and 0.9mm (as compared to cuts of up to 1.5mm with more traditional methods). By virtue of this we are able to achieve a higher density of transplanted hair. Also, the survival rate of the transplanted hair can reach up to 100% for younger patients and 90% for older ones - this is up to 15% higher than with the traditional FUE method. Last but not least, the recovery period gets shortened thanks to this less invasive method.

What you need to care about before the treatment

  • Drink and eat sufficiently ahead of the treatment, as it can last several hours.

The treatment and your stay in the clinic

  • Come to the clinic at 8am on the agreed day

  • First, you will do the consulting with the doctor

  • The treatment itself can last up to 8 hours, depending on the number of transplanted hair

  • After the treatment, you can leave the clinic

What you need to care about after the surgery

  • No special instruction.

How long is the rehabilitation

  • You can go to work immediately after the treatment, or do whatever you have done before the treatment without any restrictions

  • The result will be visible after 3 months, the complete result will come after one year (your transplanted hair will fall out initially, but the roots will stay and the new hair that grows from the roots will stay).

Where do I go for a check

  • Your general practitioner at home can check you, if needed

  • Of course, if you wish we will do the check for free at our premises in Bratislava or Levice